Santa Ana - God's Surprising Provision

Planting a church takes many partners. Some are planned and strategic.

Some partners surprise us.

They are God's way of making it clear that this is His work. He is committed to it, He is providing for it, and He is accomplishing it. 

Recently, we received a generous, unsolicited financial contribution from a sister church in our denomination. They did this out of the goodness of their own hearts because they believe God called them to.

Included was a note addressed to Kyle Houlton, our church planter in Santa Ana. Read it and be encouraged that God is supplying all we need to reach people in Santa Ana. 


We love church planters, and we thank God for you and Kelsey! Thank you for serving Christ and for making sacrifices to see the gospel advance in Santa Ana. We are praying for you, and we are excited about all that God will do through your labors. God is with you!


Sign Up For Our Christmas Eve Choirs

Sign-ups are officially open for our two Christmas Eve choirs. This year we are having an adult and a kids choir singing at our Christmas Eve Service

If you're interested. Refer to the details and then sign-up below.

For the kids choir:

  • Age range is 4 - 10 years old.
  • They need to be available for a rehearsal the week of Christmas Eve.
  • There are no auditions. If they can make it to the rehearsal, they're in the choir.

For the adult choir:

  • All teens and adults welcome. If you have prior choral experience, a background in music, or just like to sing then you're invited.
  • You need to be available for a rehearsal the week of Christmas Eve.
  • There are no auditions. If you can make it to the rehearsal, you're in the choir.

Fill out the interest form for your child, yourself, or both of you.



Which choir(s) are you interested in? *
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Eve in Exile - Book Recommendation

God shapes us through reading. First and foremost through the Bible, but also through the writings of other godly men and women. Eve in Exile by Rebekah MerkleEve in Exile by Rebekah Merkle is one of the books the Pastoral Team has recommended for our 2017 Reading Challenge. Here is what Kirsi had to say: 

Straight-forward, intellectual, and thought provoking, Merkle seeks to define biblical womanhood and discusses how to live it out. She touches on bad definitions, gives a history of feminism, and gets specific in describing the beauty, challenge, value, and vast scope of a woman's work for 'her people' and her home.  Her book provided quite a few 'Aha!' moments, as well as refreshed and envisioned me for my role as a woman. I highly recommend this one! 

LatestAnne Adam
Our Apologies

Come join us in our journey to know what we believe, why we believe it, and how we respond to objections to the Gospel. The next five weeks in Sunday School will frame Apologetics in Gospel terms so that Apologetics would always further Gospel proclamation.

Sunday School


Our Sunday School class is open to everyone and led by a team of instructors. We meet every Sunday prior to our service in the Woman's Club Garden from 9:30-10:15AM. There is no homework and no childcare is provided. 

Member Meeting Highlights

Two times a year we hold church member meetings. We do these to equip Sovereign Grace Church of Orange to be awesome.

Here are four major highlights from the meeting this past Sunday:

  1. Our small groups and study groups have been multiplying like crazy.
  2. Over 20% of our budget is going to opportunities outside of our local church.
  3. Our first Theology Course has started and our first Men's Retreat is coming in April 2018.
  4. The Santa Ana Church Plant is holding public services every Sunday evening and the team is gearing up for 2018.

It's an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing in Orange. Please contact the pastors if you have any questions.

Santa Ana - God Saves Sinners
SGSA Christy Sohie's Photos-0046.jpg


Listen to the Sermon Here

This past Sunday, Kyle Houlton began a new (and very first) sermon series at Sovereign Grace Santa Ana entitled "Our 7 Shared Values". These are values that help to answer the question "what kind of a church are we?". These are also 7 values that we share with the church from whom we've been sent out as well as the family of churches we're a part of. The first of the 7 values is "we are reformed"; we believe that the Bible teaches that salvation is a work of God, from beginning to end. Click the link above the listen to the sermon out of Ephesians 2:1-10. 

Santa Ana - Core Team Interest Form
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The Core Team Is An 8 Month Commitment To A City


Most reading this blog post have prayed for Sovereign Grace Santa Ana. Many have contributed time. Energy. Resources. We're where we are because of you. Thank you.

We've taken many steps and now it's time to move, with faith in our great God, toward our next one. That next step is to identify a core team. To send that core team out from the church that is sending SGSA - Sovereign Grace Orange. This core team will commit not only to a Sunday evening service, but to the city of Santa Ana through August, 2018. This core team will be dedicated to the privilege of spreading the joy of Jesus in Downtown Santa Ana. If you believe God might be calling you to join this core team, go ahead and fill out the "Core Team Interest Form" (top of article). Kyle Houlton will be in contact with you shortly thereafter. If interested, please complete the form before December 15. 

Santa Ana - SA Small Group This Friday
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301 W 2nd ST, SANTA ANA

Our small group ministry is designed to help disciples of Jesus to help other disciples of Jesus. We celebrate together. We mourn together. We live life together under the banner of the Gospel. Small group meetings are an opportunity to do this in between our Sunday evening celebrations. After all, the church isn't a building. Or a meeting. It's a local body of people redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Come join us. Invite your Santa Ana friends, neighbors and family. We'll see you there.

Contact Kyle Houlton For Questions