Invitation To Our Youth Retreat

August 10-12, 2018
7th-12th Graders

Build friendships and grow in your faith. Join the youth from our church and Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena for a youth retreat. Everything is included in the cost. Friends from outside of the church are more than welcome.

Email Lisa B to get registered.

One Committee Becomes Two

A Finance Committee
A Law Committee

The Finance and Law Committee was appointed by our pastors as an alternative voice of counsel, support, and accountability to the pastoral team and our church ministries. Trusted church members advise them on a range of financial and legal issues that affect our church.

The workload has grown larger than one committee can handle. Recently, the committee has divided into two: a finance committee and a law committee. Our deacons are each leading one.

Finance Committee
David Christensen (Chairman)
Jim Cunningham
Zac Davis
Rod Rivera

Law Committee
Les Card (Chairman)
Caleb Brown
Dustin Smetona

We thank God for the committee members. Their leadership and the additional sacrifices they make to serve in these roles is significant. This is low visibility work, but its importance for the health of our church cannot be overstated.


Church Staffcommittee
Why Christians Are So Hypocritical

Join our last Youth Group discussion before we break for summer this Thursday night. All junior and senior high students are invited. Pastor Eric leads the discussion.



This month we attempt to answer the question: "Why are Christians so hypocritical?" 

Email Lisa B for more info and directions.

Our College Graduates

This semester a handful of our church members graduated from both undergraduate and graduate programs. Each of them have done so while working full-time jobs, caring for their families, and serving our church.

We want to celebrate their hard work and the sacrifices they have made. They worked hard because the grace of God was working in them.

Christy S

Scott D

James W

Christian S

Ben D

Congratulate them (and their spouses) next time you see them.

P.S. If you graduated and we missed you, please let us know.

Meet Your Neighbors On Memorial Day

An Opportunity To Meet The Neighborhood

Join your neighbors on Monday May 28th for the annual "USO Show" Memorial Day service. Every year many folks from our neighborhood head south to Fairhaven Memorial Park to honor veterans, enjoy a show, and eat lunch with the community.

10:30AM - 12:00PM

Check out all the details.


Can God Change Your Mind?

Do What God Is Doing In You

On Sunday, Pastor Dustin preached Romans 12:2 reminding us that God is changing our lives by changing our minds. Our thinking drives our doing. He wants us to think His thoughts so that our lives reflect His glory and grace. We are not passive in this process. We must test our thoughts and cooperate with the mind-renewing work of His Spirit.

Listen to the sermon.

Eat Lunch With Us This Sunday

This Sunday is one of our regularly scheduled plaza invasions. If you’re planning to eat lunch then you are invited. Following our worship service, we will head to Plaza Park for lunch.

Plan to either bring your lunch with you to church, purchase take out at any of the restaurants in Old Towne Orange, or take advantage of our world famous Buck-O-Slice Pizza. If you're our guest, pizza is on us.

We'll have blankets to sit on but please feel free to bring folding chairs. Tell your friends this is the most delicious Sunday to visit Sovereign Grace.

Christy Graduates From College

A Job Well Done

This weekend Christy graduates from college with a degree in graphic design. She's been working on her degree over the past few years while being wife to Dylan, working a job, and serving the church in various capacities (hosting and leading Tea.ology, small group ministry, photographing our events, and more). We're grateful for her life of joyful service.

We asked Christy to share a few thoughts as this season comes to a close. Here's what she said:

I've learned many things over the course of my college career in graphic design. Some been silly, like making sure Rob is the one working at the 24/7 FedEx Print Center when you have to go in at 2:00am to finish a project. Other things have been career-focused: graphic design is much more than simply creating pretty page layouts.

Still, there are several things which I humbly admit I never ended up figuring out - that is, how to prioritize my time so that I am able to "do everything," as some friends think I do.

Despite all this, the truth that has reverberated so clearly in my heart and mind throughout these years is that the Lord is faithful and so, so good. He has never ceased to provide for my family, kindly sustaining us and opening doors that we didn't even know were there. When my heart was tempted to feel discouraged by my performance, the Lord so quickly reminded me that my confidence and salvation are in Him alone. College was a great experience and a true gift, but as the Lord is bringing this season to a close, I find myself most grateful for Him.