Santa Ana - Theology on Drip

Wednesday, September 27. 6:30am

Theology - the study of God and the things of God. Whoever you are, you believe things about God. Come Wednesday morning and discuss those very things. It's an open context. No judgment. We'll open the Bible together and explore what it has to say about these thing. Be at Starbucks on 4th and Broadway bright and early. There may even be a cup of liquid energy in it for you ... 

Santa Ana - Jerry: A Faithful Laborer at SAC

Spreading The Joy of Jesus Right Where He Is

He's a student at Santa Ana College. Ambitious to become equipped for a long and successful career. Even more ambitious for fellow students at Santa Ana College to come to know Jesus. Jerry recognizes that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. And he's joyfully responded to God's calling of him to make disciples on his college campus. Partnering with Intervarsity Campus Ministries and even assuming a leadership role, Jerry can be seen wandering around campus with a banner aimed at recruiting even more laborers. 

Ultimately, those who come to Christ through Intervarsity's ministry will be folded into a local church. God is building His church through people like Jerry. God will build Sovereign Grace Santa Ana through people like Jerry.