Pray For Our Leadership Retreat This Saturday

10 leaders. 12 hours. 1 goal.

Many of our leaders will be heading out for a one day leadership retreat this Saturday. We do this annually. It's a strategic moment in our life together as a church.

Please pray for them. Thank God for them. Ask the Lord to meet them as they prepare to serve us this next year. They love us and want our collective ministry thrive in Old Towne Orange and beyond.

May God use us to spread the joy of Jesus.

God Used Evil For Good

On Sunday, Pastor Lucas preached from Genesis 45 & 50. God used evil for the greatest good mankind will ever know - the evil, wicked, sinful murder of Jesus - so that men and women might one day forever be saved from the evil and sin we encounter in this world. 

We have a good God.

At the cross, God used evil to destroy sin, for our good and the glory of Christ. God in the flesh came to earth to live in this world and experience the evil you and I face every day. He came to be sinned against. He came to die a death that every evil man, woman and child deserves. This was God’s plan, and it was good.

Listen to the Sermon.



Santa Ana Neighbors - Jim

Jim has lived and run a business in Downtown Santa Ana for decades. He's watched the changes that the city has experienced first-hand. But he's not thrilled about all the changes and last year, even had to shut the doors on his newsstand business that he co-owned with Mike, his partner, near Fourth and Broadway. Jim loves Santa Ana and he's committed to staying here. But he's trying to figure out where he fits in this changing city. We want him to know Jesus. We want people like Jim that they were created to fit; to belong; in God's family through faith in Christ. 

Not Enough Evidence, God!

On Sunday, Pastor Lucas preached from John 20:24-31. We often want to see in order to believe. But everyone will need to believe without seeing. They will need to believe without touching. They will need to believe without any physical evidence. They will believe simply on the basis of the testimony of the Scriptures. You and I can believe in Jesus without seeing, because men and women have seen and believed.

You may never get the evidence you want, but you will always have the Savior you need. 

Listen to the Sermon.




Women's Home Economics Class

We want to be good stewards of all God has given us.

Come learn practical tips on Home Management, Efficient Cooking and Smart Shopping from other ladies at Sovereign Grace Church. 

Our first Women's Home Economics Class is this Saturday, August 19 at 9:30am at the Card's house.

Nursing infants are welcome. No childcare provided at the event. Bring a brunch snack to share. Details on Facebook or email Geneva

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We Need Jesus to Be Good Parents

The gospel applies to every aspect of our lives. It helps us understand our children's need and our own needs: we need a savior. 

We are going to devote a Saturday morning to the topic of parenting.

Please join us for our Parenting Seminar.

Learn how the bible informs our perspective, how other parents have implemented the gospel in their parenting and ask them questions.

Saturday, September 16,  8.45am - 1pm

The Grand Street Center in Orange

The event is free and anyone is welcome. Lunch and free childcare provided; outside babysitting recommended. 

Please register here.  


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