Church Member Meeting Recap

This past Sunday we held our Fall Church Member's Meeting. This is a time for members and regular attenders to be equipped to participate in the life and ministry of our congregation. We download a lot of information. The members ask questions. We go home with bellies full of our world famous Buck-O-Slice Pizza. Here are a few highlights:

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is designed to help you know what you believe and why you believe it. Doctrine matters and Sunday School is where we teach it in an organized way.

Currently, Sunday School is taking a holiday recess. In January 2019 we begin a year in the New City Catechism. It will take us through all the major categories of biblical teaching. There are plenty of resources to take advantage of on their website and we will do a more in-depth teaching at Sunday School each week.

We invite and encourage you to make Sunday School part of your Sunday plans for 2019. Be equipped to help us treasure, guard, and declare the gospel of grace.

Newcomers Ministry

Over the past year, the pastoral team has focused their attention on our efforts to reach and retain guests. This has included appointing a new leader (Grant Sigafoos) to our Connect Team, training and recruiting more volunteers for the Connect Team, hosting a weekly guest reception in our lobby, and changing our half-day Starting Point class to a 4-session Intro Course hosted and led by the pastors.

We’re happy to report that our guests still consistently describe you as the most welcoming church they’ve ever encountered.

There are a couple ways you can continue to help:

  1. As you interact with guests, encourage them to attend the Intro Course. This is the one big next step we want them to make as they’re exploring Sovereign Grace Church.

  2. On Sunday mornings be mindful of where you sit. We’re asking you to move “up and in.” Create open seats on the outside of the aisles for guests and latecomers to easily locate a spot.


Your sacrifices are bearing good fruit. Here are a few major highlights to report:

  1. Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana is fully funded and will be recognized as a sister church in January 2019.

  2. We have begun looking for our next church planting site and church planter. Be praying that God would guide and provide.

  3. Our global vision of “working for the prosperity of our sister churches in the Asia-Pacific region” has been realized. Pastor Eric has made a handful of exploratory trips and opportunities for church members are right around the corner. Stay tuned.

  4. We have 6 men completing our Theology Course, 1 intern, and 1 Worship Leader apprentice. We are training the next church leaders of Orange County.

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Guests You Are Invited To Lunch This Sunday


This week is our regularly scheduled Intro Course. The Intro Course is the perfect next step if you want to get to know Sovereign Grace Church better.

The class is led by a pastor and hosted in their home. Join us this Sunday 11/18/2018 right after out service from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Lunch and childcare are provided.


The Intro Course is for any and every guest of Sovereign Grace Church. Whether you've attended for 1 Sunday or 100 Sundays. Whether you're a Christian or not. Whether you want to join as a member or have no idea what membership is.


It's a place to come and explore, learn, and ask questions.

Get registered right here.

Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People?

God Isn’t Fair

On Sunday Pastor Eric preached from Job 21 answering the question: why do the wicked prosper? The oppressive rich get richer. The hard-working poor get poorer. Where is the moral order in God’s world? The answer is that God is often good to those who don’t deserve it. He isn’t fair. He’s gracious. Only a gracious God would die in the place of the undeserving. That’s the kind of God we need.

Listen to the sermon.

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Members Meeting This Sunday


THIS SUNDAY 11/11/2018

Twice a year we host church member meetings. It's the pastoral team's way to equip you to be Sovereign Grace Church of Orange. They're short and sweet but packed with exciting updates and plans for the future. This Sunday we will be sharing:

  • Financial updates including a new online giving platform

  • New format for Sunday School rolling out January 2019

  • An update on our efforts to reach guests and one easy way for you to be involved

  • And more…

If you are a member or regular attender who considers Sovereign Grace Church your home church then this is for you. It's a working lunch, the pastors talk and you eat. Make sure to pack food. You'll miss the meeting if you try to run and grab something. We will have Buck-O-Slice pizza available.

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