Vini and Sophia's Goodbye Party

We entrust them to the Lord

Our friends and fellow church members, Vini and Sophia, are leaving southern CA in just a few weeks. They have left a big mark on our hearts, our lives, and in our church. We are grateful for the time the Lord has given us with them.

We want to say goodbye well

A family in the church is hosting a goodbye party and everyone is welcome to join. 

Friday 12/29/2017
6:30PM - 9:00PM

Email Rachel for directions and what to bring.


It Takes A Village

You are planting a church

The church plant in Santa Ana is well underway. You are sending fellow church members out with ambitions of establishing another church. Well done!

As these brothers and sisters head out, new opportunities to serve are created in our church. We need you to fill in the gaps.

It takes a village to have a Sunday service

Guests need to be greeted. Gear needs to be setup and taken down. Children need to be cared for. God uses all of it. He uses you.

Join our army of volunteers

Here's the full list of opportunities, but our primary needs are in Children's Ministry and Sunday Operations.

Thank you for loving and serving Jesus by loving and serving His people.

Guests: Get To Know Us Better

This Sunday we are hosting a Guest Reception in the garden immediately following our service.

If You're A Guest

This is for you. It's an easy way to get to know us better. A couple of the pastors and a few members of the church will be available to chat and answer your questions. We’ll serve light refreshments, just enough to hold you over until lunch. Kids are welcome.

If You're A Member

Encourage guests that you meet on Sunday to head out to the reception.

Thank you for being great hosts.


Register For Money Management

Manage your money or it will manage you.

Once a year we offer a course on the biblical principles of financial stewardship. The classes are conducted in a small group setting, using a discussion format and curriculum adapted from Crown Ministries and Money and the Gospel.

8 classes, every other Tuesday, beginning January 23rd.

Les and Sue lead the class and you'll find lots of people in the church with testimonies like this one. Materials cost $25 and scholarships are available. The registration deadline is January 7th.

Learn more and register.

Invite Your Friends To Christmas Eve

Breakfast Picnic in the Plaza from 10:30AM - 12:00pm

Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year. We are canceling our morning service and replacing it with a breakfast picnic in the Plaza. Donuts, bagels, coffee, and a scavenger hunt for the young and young at heart.

Traditional Christmas Eve Service from 6:00PM - 6:45pm

Every year our Christmas Eve service is wonderful, not because of what we do, but because of Who we proclaim.

We want to equip you to welcome your friends, family, and neighbors to hear the good news that they can be forgiven of all their sins and experience peace with God through Jesus.

We have a couple of tools for you:

  1. Use our Christmas Eve webpage to promote digitally (Facebook, etc.).
  2. Postcards with the details of our Christmas Eve service will be in the lobby this Sunday. Feel free grab a few and pass them out.

Thanks for loving your neighbors and seeking to acquaint them with the Savior.

*Parents, please note there will not be childcare during our Christmas Eve Service.