Sunday Recap

Announcements for this week:

1.  Bookstore was opened for business and we sold some books!!   We will be open for browsing before and you may make purchases after church service.   Stop by and see all the great books!  

2.  Joint Church Service - January 27, 2013  We will be joining Pillar Bible Church for a time of worship, learning and fun at Covenant Presbyterian Church at 11:30am.  1855 N. Orange Olive Road, Orange.  Afterwards there will be a church picnic with food and games for everyone.   Please bring a dessert to share.

3.    Check out some opportunities for helping in Old Towne Orange with Janitors 4 Jesus.

4.  Don't forget to sign-up for the worship seminar with Bob Kauflin: Pursuing God's Presence.

5. Pastor Eric mentioned How Churches fake God's Work during his sermon.

This weeks sermon:  What the Church Needs Now - Romans 12:12-13

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