Random Needs

You probably have a list of tasks that need to get done but you never do. Too small to make a fuss...too big to ignore indefinitely...a junk drawer in the kitchen of life.

The church has a list of stuff like this. Needs that keep piling up with no one to complete.

  • Office Cleaning - the office is getting to be busy and could use some attention every couple months.
  • Member Directory Maintenance - someone needs to make sure our member info is up to date...we are going to start using it to communicate more.
  • Publishing Testimonies - get all of our Sunday morning testimonies posted on Connect. Anyone got writing skills?
  • Earthquake straps - none of the office bookshelves are anchored. One good shake and our entire staff would be buried in an avalanche of good books.
  • Baptismal - We need to purchase and store a baptismal. Pastor Eric has the details.

Any volunteers? Contact the church office.

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