We Need You Every Sunday at 10:45

Sunday Service Photos-004.jpg

Guess who arrives every Sunday at 10:45am like clockwork?

Your guests. 

Remember back when you were a new to Sovereign Grace. You probably arrived early, anticipating the need for extra time to park, find the building, find your seat, get set up for Children's Ministry, and stuff like that.

You were understandably anxious. Everything was new. All the people were new. What would the service be like? Would it be what you were looking for? Or would this turn out to be another church you visit once?

We were all guests once. 

Let's plan for guests. Arrive at 10:45am. Stand out on the street and be quick to greet. Stand in the lobby and orient them to our facility. Stand in the auditorium and talk to our guests as they watch our new countdown timer. Let's not leave our guests wondering at 11:00 if we are even going to show up. Let's arrive when they do and welcome them as Christ has welcomed us.


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