Reaching the City

Tomorrow evening we have an excellent opportunity to connect with our neighbors here in Old Towne Orange. We will be gathering into groups and hitting the streets with invites to our Easter service.  

If the idea of knocking on doors makes you nervous, let me offer a few reasons why your mind can be at ease: 

    • God is with you
    • The goal is to get a flyer into their hands or on their doorstep
    • You'll be in a group

    It's a simple gesture, but God uses small instances to enact big change. Tomorrow could be an important step in the life of a person who doesn't believe or who has wandered away. We want to be available that God may use us! 

    Here are the details:

    Meet at the church office tomorrow at 6:00pm  (307 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 400, Orange, CA)
    Teams of 4-6 are divided up and given a map with the blocks they'll be in charge of
    Pray as you walk
    When you're finished, head home

    If you have any questions please e-mail Dustin Smetona at

    Thank you for loving and serving our city!

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