Marriage Seminar Reunion

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Remember the marriage seminar? Love that Lasts with Gary and Betsy Ricucci? What a great weekend!

Unfortunately, odds are good you probably haven't had much time to discuss and apply everything. Maybe not at all. Or at least not with other married couples. Life is moving fast and the marriage seminar was soooo long ago.

Host a reunion.

Here's an idea! Pick a date and invite 2 or 3 couples to join you for dinner and a discussion. It could be a quiet restaurant or your home. Enjoy dinner together and ask everyone to come ready to answer a question. Just one. Make it easy.

Suggested questions:

  • What topics are difficult for you to talk about together?
  • What was your most recent conflict and how was it resolved (or not)?
  • What was your top romantic experience of the last year?

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