Books About The Whole Book of Revelation

Want to do some more studying on your own (or start a study group)? There are tons of great resources to help you mine The Book of Revelation for all it's worth. Here are a few commentaries that cover the entire book.


Triumph of The Lamb, by Dennis E. Johnson

Top pick! 

An easy-to-read commentary with serious scholarship under the hood. Johnson sticks to the main plot and doesn't loose you.

This is a conservative work from a Californian pastor with lots of help on applying the Word to our lives today.

*We will have a copy of this book available for purchase on Sundays. 


The Lamb Wins, by Richard Bewes

A brief overview of the entire book. Bewes does a great job of getting right to the point.

This is a short read and, as such, will leave some wrestling with the finer issues of interpretation. This book shines when it comes to connecting the dots and keeps the plot going. 

*We will have a copy of this book available for purchase on Sundays. 



The Book of Revelation (NIGCT), by G.K. Beale

Technical, expensive, and only for those looking to grapple with the text word by word. Some working knowledge of biblical greek is helpful.

Many scholars argue that this is the best contemporary work on the book. A great addition to a long list of academic treatments we appreciate: Beasly-Murray, Hamilton, Osbourne, Bauckham, and Mounce.