4 More Reasons to Attend Worship God 2013

Registration for full day passes to Worship God 2013 closes this Friday. Here are 4 more reasons why we think it's worth going...

  1. You do "Sunday Worship" every week, 4 times a month, 104 hours a year. That's a lot of Worship(ing) God and this conference will help you to do it better. 
  2. Musicians from all around the world are gathering to sing. You gotta hear this!
  3. Seminars like Family Worship, Praying through Scripture, Suffering, and Bass Guitar solos (ok, we made that last one up). The point is you don't need to be a musician to attend this conference. It was designed for regular people in the pew like you.
  4. This is like the Olympics...we're the host city. Let's go cheer on the global church!

Register today.