News from Bulembu

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Our very own Emily is in Africa on a summer missionary trip with friends from Gordon College. Here's the latest report from the team...

Hello All.

We hope and pray everything is going well back home. We're all still safe and sound, enjoying our time here in Bulembu!

We had an exciting first week: In the mornings we've been doing physical labor around town, and this week we start a new project renovating a few homes around the area. In the afternoons, we've each joined various clubs and sports teams at the primary school from traditional swazi dance to netball to cricket and explorers club. Everyone is becoming quite talented in their specific areas of choice... especially our dancers and drummers ;)

We've been spending the time between clubs and dinner with houses in Dvudvusi (one side of the town where a lot of the children live). In the beginning of last week we were each assigned a house to spend time with, whether its helping with homework or just hanging out and playing with the kids. Please pray open mindedness and an optimistic attitude over our team, as most of us bonded quite closely with the people in our houses last week and now know that we will be switching houses a few times during our time here so that most children will have the opportunity to have a "visitor" in their home for a while. As a team, we absolutely see the benefit of this for the children as well as the wisdom behind the decision, yet naturally we still struggle with the temptation to be stuck on what we desire out of the trip rather than what is best for the organization we have come to serve.

Continue to pray for sound minds and peaceful sleep, as we have long days and would love to be in tip-top shape so that we can fully invest everything we have in this wonderful place. We're praying for you all as well.


The Swazi Team