Mina's Testimony

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Mina shared this a few Sundays ago...

 My spiritual life was not unlike that which my husband Ali has shared. I grew up in a country and culture that was religious in name only. I was Muslim, but really I wasn't anything. From the outside I appeared prosperous. Inside I felt empty.

Life seemed pointless.

Somehow I knew I wanted a relationship with God. I didn't know how. I didn't know the proper way. I wasn't confused...I was just unsettled. But all this changed recently.

I saw God answer prayer.

Watching God work in another person's life is powerful. It made me want to learn more about the Christian faith. I began to believe and trust Christ. 

Then my life changed. 

My new faith led us to leave Dubai. We were forced to go and arrived in Orange County knowing almost no one. We had no jobs. No home. No possessions. Certainly no church.  But we did have Jesus.

And Jesus led us to this church, full of people who welcomed us and cared for us and loved us. And still do!

We love gathering with you on Sundays and during the week to worship and learn more about Christ. We love feeling like we are family, especially since our natural families are so far away. We love getting to do this all out in the open, not in secret, sharing our new faith with everyone we meet. 

He has saved me.

I know I was chosen by Him. Jesus took care of me, loving me long before I was ever born or believed. I regret not knowing Him sooner, but am so glad I finally see. 

May his kingdom come.