7 Shared Values

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Lots has changed with Sovereign Grace Ministries over the past few months, and we anticipate even more change in the coming years.

You might say we are always reforming. 

This is true of Sovereign Grace Ministries. This is true of our church. This is true of each and every one of us. We grow. We fix. We adapt. We try, test, evaluate, and reset. 

However, some things are just a part of who we are. Part of what makes us a family of churches (a denomination). Things that never change, or rarely change, or only get tweaked. Not deleted.

Our 7 shared values. 

The following list was adopted in the new SGM Book of Church Order. It's what one has called "the DNA of our family of churches."

  1. Reformed soteriology
  2. Gospel-centered doctrine and preaching
  3. Continuationist pneumatology
  4. Complementarian leadership in the home and church
  5. Elder-governed and -led churches
  6. National and international outreach and church planting
  7. A family of interdependent churches united in fellowship, mission, and governance.

Learn more about each of these values and more here.