Introducing our Wedding Coordinator

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We love weddings at Sovereign Grace. They combine all kinds of great things we are passionate, romance, family, sacrifice, commitment, community, beauty, the gospel, Jesus, fancy dresses, pretty decorations, food, friends, a party, and cake. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. 

Marriage is God's idea.

Our pastors (and intern) have been busy officiating a number of wedding ceremonies and things only appear to be getting busier going forward. And on top of this, we've been praying for open doors to do more weddings outside our congregation. There's no reason we can't play a part in people getting married in our city!

God designed marriage to say something about Christ and His church and the wedding day is a great opportunity to proclaim this mystery.


A gift to  

In order to perform more weddings with excellence, Geneva Enge has volunteered to become our Wedding Coordinator. She'll be assisting the Pastoral Team, tracking with engaged couples and ensuring things go smoothly on the big day. She won't be a substitute for the traditional wedding planner's role...think of her as more of a liaison between the church and the wedding party.

Please join us in praying for Geneva. This is an important opportunity for our church and she brings real strengths to the table. Pray God would bless her work, bring us lots more weddings to officiate, and that our witness to Orange would expand!