After Service Prayer

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Our last few minutes together on Sundays are precious.

We won't be together again for 7 days. Not all of us. And it's the one last chance to greet our guests or make spontaneous plans for lunch and fellowship. And we've just encounter God together.

It's this last reason that we've assembled a team to pray with you after the service. You hear it every week...

"Don't leave without asking questions.

"Don't leave without praying."

There's just something in that moment, if God has met you in a significant way, that you don't want to miss or trivialize. Just the opposite, you want to capitalize on it. Ask God for more, ask God to finish, ask for help from a brother or sister. Pause before you head out into the city.

If you don't have someone to pray with and the person or pastor you are looking for is unavailable, head up to the lectern at the front of the room. We'll always be sure to have a few trusted individuals to pray with you.

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