Learning To Manage Money

Our annual Money Management Course begins February 3rd. Registration closes this Sunday.


I’m one of those people who asks for forgiveness more than permission. I let my intuition be my guide, pursue whatever I want and jump in without a parachute. And this translates into some pretty exciting adventures.

I like to bet the farm.

The problem is that my personality also tends to make me resistant to important things like consistency, discipline, steady income, and savings. I was raised to take risks and expect rewards. But when the rewards didn’t come in like I expected, we ended up in debt.

We were struggling to pay the rent and trapped in a terrible cycle. The debt didn’t honor God and our response to our situation only made it worse. Money problems were leading to marriage problems.

Drastic measures.

We moved in with family. I got a job (ok, this one isn't so drastic). We came up with a plan. And we joined the Money Management class.

Here’s why taking the class was better than trying to fix our money troubles alone.

  • I learned everyone needs grace to change.
  • I learned my friends have inspiring stories.
  • I learned I could enjoy Jesus more when money doesn’t get in the way.
  • I learned how to talk about money with my wife.
  • I learned there is no magic pill.

Money Management was a huge blessing and is still bearing good fruit in my life. I highly recommend it!