Four Reasons To Celebrate Our New Irvine Small Group

This month a new small group formed in the city of Irvine. We took friends from 3 different groups and sent them back to their hometown to reproduce what we are experiencing in other small groups in Orange, Tustin, and Santa Ana.

Here are 4 reasons this group is awesome.

  • Pastor Mike and his wife Lois are a part of the group. Why? Because pastors are people too. They need friendship, encouragement, help, and people to serve.
  • Four of the households live nearby. They work, shop, live, and play in the same "neighborhood." Geography helps when it comes to doing life together.
  • The hosts are first-time hosts. They have never hosted a "christian meeting" in their home before. Way to go Ali and Mina.
  • Jesus will be the topic at every meeting, every week, for as long as they are called to be a small group.