Nominating David Christensen For Office Of Deacon

Deacons are part of God's plan to advance his Word through us. They ensure our testimony as a church equals the testimony of the Scriptures...that our walk and talk match up. As Pastor Eric has said, "We need to repent of our preoccupation with growth management practices and go back to the Bible. When the church grows and her ministries get stretched, God's says elect deacons, not adopt better business practices."

The pastors have nominated David Christensen as candidate for the office of Deacon.

David is our current "reigning" church intern and preparing to return full time to the marketplace. We couldn't be more pleased with his progress and are hopeful for his future. David would make for a strong addition to our newly established deaconate ministry.

Please submit your input before November 2, 2014.

As per our constitutional documents, you have 14 days to provide the pastors written feedback regarding this nomination. We strongly encourage every church member to participate in the phase of the ordination process. You won't be prohibited from participating later, but now is the time for you to speak affirmations and concerns.

During the ordination process, members of the church are asked and given opportunity to submit in writing their observations, affirmation, or critique of the man in question. This is not to propagate gossip and slander, but to allow opportunity to stop the process if there is information the pastors lack in evaluating the man. Additionally, affirmation will help confirm the selection of the candidate. Such feedback is an important opportunity for the congregation to assist in the ordination process.

Qualifications for the office of deacon.

Contact information for the pastoral team.

Thanks in advance for your participation. We'll keep you updated as we proceed.