48 Hours

Two full days.

Would you be willing to devote forty eight hours of your life to just one thing over the span of an entire year? Can you think of anything? Sounds reasonable, right? I mean, who couldn't commit a total of forty eight hours to, well, anything? But especially if we believe that chunk of time will be devoted to our sanctification and the growth of the church. We're talking about a little ministry we call small groups. This is one of many contexts in which the "one anothers" of Scripture are intentionally and beautifully lived out.

For those of us who do not excel at mathematics, here is how we arrived at 48 hours: that's two hours a meeting, twice a month, for twelve months.

Forty eight hours.

We're talking a mere 48 hours over the course of an entire year. That's our small group ministry. A small group, a small time, yet an immeasurable impact on your life.

Of the 8765 hours in a year, 48 hours is composed of a mere 0.5% of that time. Compare that with the many other ways we use our time. According to a recent study, here is how you and I typically use our time throughout the year:

1,000 hours on the internet

36.5 hours laughing

1,460 hours watching TV

2,372 hours sleeping

43 hours exercising

237 hours eating

115 hours shaving

724 hours on the phone

208 hours cleaning

Although 48 hours is a drop in the bucket over the year, our commitment to our small group just may prove to be the most life changing 48 hours in our entire year.

Where will you be investing 48 hours of your life in 2015?

Lucas Enge