Sunday in Review

1.  Starting Point:  A new Starting Point class will begin March 2 at 10am!  This is a great way to get to know our church better, get some time with the pastoral team, and (if you want) begin the process of becoming a church member.  All the information is online and you can apply Get online to learn more and find the curriculum we will be going through.  Register today!!


2.  Youth Mentorships:  We are rolling out a new program for Junior and Senior High students!
Short term, directed, one-on-one study with a qualified older brother or sister.  This is a great way for young people in the church to begin to spread their wings a bit and build purposeful relationships with older Christians in the church.  Not a substitute for parents but rather an aid.  All the information is available online and you can apply for a mentorship today! 


3.  Prayer Request:  Please be praying for Pastor Eric this week as he has been invited to speak to a college fellowship at UCI this Wednesday night. Crossroads Campus Ministries.  He will be talking about the topic, “Saved by Grace”.  This is a great opportunity to share what we believe.


Listen again to the last of David Christensen's series on Jude.