Announcements from Sunday

1.  Helping the Helpless - We live in a city filled with people with needs.  We encourage you to be people and families that help the helpless and hurting.  You have the one thing they all need......the gospel!  There are also a couple resources for you.  We have a document designed to help you lead an individual to an organization that can help a person in serious need, like housing, employment or meals.  Get a copy at the bookstore.  Also, we have a benevolence fund that will allow us as a church to help those with more immediate needs. Find a person who needs your help and guide them to the people that can help them. 


2.  Pray for Dave Christensen this week as he begins a 3-week sermon series on the book of Jude this coming Sunday.   


Want to listen again to the superbowl of Revelation?  Here it is!

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