Leadership Counsel Notes

Some things money can't buy.

Our Leadership Counsel met this past Saturday. You can read more about them here, but basically they are long-standing friends of the pastoral team...a group of trusted men in the church who help Mike and I lead you. They aren't quasi-pastors. They're friends. We fellowship, pray together, present ideas and plans to them and then they make fun of us. Ha! No! I'm so grateful for these men. We serve you better because of them.

As is our practice, we usually begin by recounting evidences of God's grace in the church. I took some notes to pass along (in no particular order).

  • We are a happy church.
  • We see new members like Scott and Rachel D. serving on Sundays.
  • The Worship Team is growing, maturing, and serving us so well.
  • We see High School students enthusiastically serving the church.
  • Ali D. is Mr. Closet. (FYI...every week we store our gear in a closest the size of a bread box.)
  • The church is full of men who study God's word.
  • The latest Theology on Tap class loves to talk about God. And they are all first-time participants.
  • The Reyes wedding was a wonderful expression of our life together. Every pitched in and the guests were impressed.
  • We love our Sunday guests.
  • We are seeing new friends forging new relationship that (our hunch) will last a lifetime.
  • We think Tea.ology is the most "beautiful" church event.
  • Many households moving their residence simply to be closer to the life of the church. Wow.
  • Tons of new families. Lots of babies. More babies please!
  • Roger Servin led worship at Small Group Friday, the Reyes wedding on Saturday, and the service on Sunday. #guitarhero
  • We have a mature, proven couple who is discipling younger people on how to be good financial stewards. You can't buy this kind of stuff.
  • Our diversity is a demonstration of the power of God. Age, race, economics, education, religious background. You name it. This is a strength of the church.
  • The number of people leading different parts of our service is growing.