5 Things We Believe About Pastors

Our first sermon from We Believe In Organized Religion focused on the role of pastors in the life of Christians. Do you have a pastor? Do you want a pastor? Could it be that you are struggling in your faith and life because you are part of the pastorless-church? You can listen to the sermon here.

Pastors aren't the solution to every problem. Sometimes they are the problem! However, we can't ignore what the Scriptures say. Pastors are men given by God to us, the church. And when a church government functions properly, pastors are a manifestation of God's kindness and care towards us. They are one of the primary way in which God cares for the church.

Here are a few of the things we know about pastors from 1 Peter 5:1-4.

Pastors are shepherds.

They feed, tend, lead, and protect. They aren't priests or kings. They don't own their own flock. Jesus is the Great Shepherd, pastors are under-shepherds, and shepherding is the predominate motif describing pastoral ministry in the Bible.

Pastors love the church.

They are Christians who love Christians, and this love (not their gifting) is what distinguishes them. Not every gifted man is called to pastor and neither is every man who loves the church. But there is no such thing as a pastor who loves his books and loves to preach but isn't interested in the welfare of a particular congregation.

Pastors want to serve.

We don't draft our pastors. They are willing volunteers, who desire to do the work of a pastor. They labor gladly for our good, as friends and fellow brothers. 

Pastors make sacrifices.

They lay down their preferences and priorities for the church. This doesn't mean we shouldn't compensate them, but their compensation doesn't motivate them. They don't work for money. Pastors aren't professionals. They serve at personal cost.

Pastors are examples.

You need to know your pastor and his life. This is how he leads you. He is an example for you to follow. If you don't know him or all you know about him is his preaching, you're missing out. Pastors establish patterns every Christian can follow.