Church Planting in Coachella Valley

-From Pastor Eric

Hey Sovereign Grace! I missed you guys like crazy and promise never to be gone again on Star Wars Day. What was I thinking?!

Redeeming Grace Church is doing great out in Palm Desert, CA. It was an honor to rehearse the gospel with them...they are well led, eager to reach their neighbors, and working hard to establish a church in their community. My visit was also a reminder of how good it is to be part of a new church plant.

Churches are planted one relationship at a time.

There's a real sense of urgency when the room is empty and everyone is wondering if a church is "going to make it." It enough to make regular people like you and I go out and invite people to church every week, because if we don't who will? Nobody.

Let's not stop inviting people to Sovereign Grace Church. God's working wonderful things among us. He's saving people, healing broken people, renewing a love for Jesus in old believers, and new believers are packing out classes to learn about Boniface, St. Francis of Assisi, and Thomas Aquinas. What's up with that?

You live in Orange because God is saving Californians.