Why Your Life Online Matters

Some of the more popular places in Orange County have no street addresses. No one would even know if you visited them today or not.






How we conduct ourselves online matters. It matters because there are real people on the other end of our Facebook posts. We can't suspend the command to use your words (and pictures) to encourage one another.

We do business online. We buy stuff online. And there are real businesses on the other end of our transactions. We represent Christ in every transaction, whether we them meet face to face or on Ebay.

We consume media online. We watch video online. We read news online. And the internet makes access to everything quick, easy, private, and anonymous.

We are a community of individual internet users.

The reality is that Sovereign Grace Church (as a congregation) has an online life. So let's live it no differently than we live the rest of our lives on streets and in our homes. Let's live it in community, let's encourage one another towards godliness, and let's help one another do all of the above.

This is why we are offering every adult member of our church a free account with Covenant Eyes, and internet accountability service. We committed to providing the best opportunities to walk out our faith together.

Learn more about Covenant Eyes.