Alma's Story Of Saving Grace

Alma shared this past Sunday...

It’s hard to describe a single event or person that led me to my faith in Christ. I grew up attending a Roman Catholic church and was curious about the devotion of the people around me. How they could believe in things they could not see? 

I also never understood why He was so unapproachable and hard to love. Why couldn’t I have a direct relationship with God. Why did I need to confess and have other rituals done on my behalf in order to obtain forgiveness and love? It didn't make sense. 

I had so many questions.

But I now see that my questions were the beginning of the work of the Spirit in me. God was speaking into my life and world. At times I resisted…it was like a war was going on inside me. I was hearing truth but didn’t always like or accept it at first.

It took years to trust God.

Just as it’s hard to believe other people could love me, so too it’s been hard to believe God loves me. I have learned that I am fickle but God is not. With him there is persistent grace and forgiveness. He’s been patient with me, even in my unbelief.

He waits for me.