Sunday School 2016

The 2016 year in Sunday School is brought to you by the numbers 25, 6, 10, 2 & 5

25 Psalms

6 Questions About Salvation

10 Words

2 Covenants

5 Solas

Learn how to pray, praise and lament to the glory of God. Discover biblical answers to 6 common questions about salvation. Learn how the Ten Commandments point us to Jesus. Find out why the new covenant is better than the old. And acquaint yourself with the five reformation battle cries.

Everyone is invited (although children under 12 years of age might find the curriculum challenging), there is no need to sign up, no homework, no reading. All you need is your bible and a heart to grow in the grace of God.

10am in the Garden

Sundays, CommunityLucas Enge