Grace Is Going To Grad School

From Grace....

I just wanted to give you all an update about the process of applying/interviewing/picking a PT school. Thank you to those who have kept me in prayer these past few weeks--I felt an incredible amount of support.

God gave me many options for schools....even opportunities for scholarships. The decision-making process was overwhelming. However, ultimately, after considering many factors, speaking to older and wiser family and friends, and praying for wisdom and peace with my decision, I have picked a PT program! 

I will be attending UCSF/SFSU for the next 3 years, and the program begins the first week of June! It hasn't fully hit me yet, but I am already so very excited. I am so grateful for the big and small ways you all have supported me, and I would love continued prayer for focus and a present heart (still have things to do here!), smooth transition, and readiness to jump into a rather intensive first year of grad school. 

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