Let The Children Come To Jesus

"Hearts like children, minds like adults."

C.S. Lewis once said this was the kind of people that belonged to Jesus. He was searching for men and women who were child-like, not childish. People who trust him like a child trusts his Father, but labor to come to a mature understanding of the one they trust.

The disciples had it the other way around. They portrayed Jesus as unaccessible, disinterested, and unable to help. They were the insiders. They were the special people.. Children weren't a priority because children weren't important. Children were the least. The nothings.

"They belong to me and I belong to them."

Sovereign Grace must be the kind of place where the least among us are invited in. Where the nothings are treated as somethings. Where the people we think probably don't belong at Sovereign Grace belong indeed. Why? Because this is us. We are the child-like. 

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