Peter and Rachael's Story

We originally moved here from Washington D.C. for a 3-4 month work assignment. We planned to explore California, complete my work, and return home. However, 3 months became 6. 6 months became 12. And now, 18 months, 2 kids, and 1 incredible church later, we stand before you amazed.

We are humbled and grateful to God.

Our church back in D.C. was an excellent one, and as we began our search for a place to worship during our time in California, our hopes of finding a good church were tempered by the idea that we probably wouldn't find a body we enjoyed quite as much. We could not have been more wrong.

Our experience from day one was like many of yours. The doctrine was sound, the teaching was excellent and gospel-centered, but what knocked our socks off was the honesty with which this church loves people.

Your love for us was immediate and without conditions.

One visit and we had people ready to bring us meals and help us with the birth of our first child. We hadn’t made any commitments to you. We weren't settled on making you our new church. Apparently that didn’t matter. You saw a couple far from family and friends and met our needs.

Since then we have seen you do this over and over and over again. You invest your lives in people with no strings attached. We've learned from the humility with which you serve, often sacrificing for those who are in no position to return the favor. It's caused us to grow closer to Jesus.

Keep doing this.

We’re so grateful to join you in this shared life and ministry.  We want to partner with you and serve with you for Jesus.