Thanks For Celebrating Easter

Photo Credit  Bananna-Mei Art

Photo Credit Bananna-Mei Art

Easter Sundays have become for us at Sovereign Grace a blend of an annual New Years Eve, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Fourth of July, National Hug a Cat Day holiday-ish celebration.

Every Sunday is about the resurrection of Jesus. That's why we gather on Sundays. No duh.

Every Sunday is Easter Sunday.

However, this one Sunday every year (Easter Sunday) we intentionally celebrate us. The new life we share together because of our new shared life with Jesus. We draw a direct line between the realities of the resurrection and the realities of our congregation. We live because Jesus lives, not only personally but collectively as well.

This is what the All-You-Can-Eat Donut Buffet and Easter Photo Booth were all about. Our way of marking our life together with some fun memories. Big thanks to everyone that made it possible, including Kelsey, Robbie, Kristin, Rachel, Scott, and Anne. You guys went above and beyond and slightly sugar-coma inducing :)