Wrestling With The Baltimore Protests

Our very own Jason was featured in The Washington Post this past week.

Four ways we can wrestle with the Baltimore protests without fueling the fire

“Two circles make a triangle. I’m right!” I was driving my 4-year-old daughter Luna home from preschool when out of the back seat, without any, provocation she tells us this nugget of wisdom.

Unfortunately I find this be the tone of dialogue on race relations in America, especially now in Baltimore. We find ourselves convinced of our positions without any hope of budge.

To those who already know they are right, I doubt a blog or any historical precedence have any affect. Enjoy your coffee.

But! To those willing to wrestle, I humbly submit four ideas to hang your thoughts on.

  1. Understand: we are all image bearers of God
  2. Consider: Understanding is not condoning
  3. Remember: Events don’t happen in a vacuum
  4. Look forward: We are the problem, but we are not without hope

"I believe the forgiveness found in Jesus is powerful enough not only to fix the wrongs of my past, but also to transform how I live in the present."

Read the entire article over at www.washingtonpost.com.