Our Only Hope is You

Worship that proceeds from the heart must be informed by the mind. That's why on Sundays at Sovereign Grace Church, we choose songs according to a pattern used throughout church history:

Assurance of Pardon

The song content has a gospel shape, reminding us of the regular pattern by which we first experience God in conversion and how we continue to experience Him in worship. It's not rote and there is always room to be flexible, but we want to be thoughtful and reverent as we approach our awe-inspiring God.

This Sunday, we will teach you a new song of confession: Our Only Hope is You. You can hear the song by clicking play on the video below. Come ready to sing about the sure hope we have in our Savior!

VERSE 1   
Our mouths were open graves
Full of broken vows we made
Our hearts ran wild
Our tongues could not be tamed

VERSE 2   
What darkness had concealed
Your law has now revealed
Our guilt was great
Our bitter fate was sealed

CHORUS 1    
Our only hope
Our only hope is You, Lord
Our only hope 
Our only hope is You

VERSE 3   
Though hypocrites and fools
You draw us to the truth
For Your own glory
You make all things new

CHORUS 2    
Our only hope
Our only hope is You, Lord
Our only hope 
Our only hope is You, Lord

The bridges we had burned You have restored
You gave us hope when there was none before
You paid the debt that we could not afford
And cast away our guilt forevermore

VERSE 4   
So, when our days are through
Our hope will rest in You    
For we can trust 
Your promises are true