Pray For My Retreat

A few times a year, I break away from my usual schedule and surroundings to spend some extended, uninterrupted time of study, prayer, and planning. I set specific goals for my times away and typically have one or two major projects to focus my efforts. And each time God surprises me.

The best parts are always the unplanned parts.

This time I'm working on our next major sermon series> I'm also evaluating how we can train and care for our church leaders better. I love doing this stuff for you and hope I can get it all done. But again, my guess is God has more.

So would you please pray for me, Sovereign Grace Church? Pray the Lord teaches me as I study. Pray He impresses on my heart his priorities. Pray He gives me wisdom and insight. Pray for my family as I am away.

Thanks for praying. I know you do and it means the world to me. See you Sunday.