Introducing Our New Church Council

The Old Leadership Council

Our Pastoral Team has long held regular meetings with a group of trusted advisors from within our church. Men who have served us at critical junctures in our life together. We called them the Leadership Counsel. Here was their mission...

"assemble regularly to provide the pastors with an alternative voice of counsel, a context for relationship, and a forum for accountability."

This provisional forum has served us well and the men who have volunteered their time and energies are to be commended. We are a stronger church because of them. Les Card, Nate Adam, Lucas Enge, and Roger Servin. Thank you!

The New Church Council

Over the past year we have ordained our first two deacons and begun looking forward to calling additional men to join our pastoral team. As we do this, we need to provide a context for the entire body of church officers to do the same thing our Leadership Council has done. And so we are retiring one council and replacing it with another. A council consisting of all current and future pastors and deacons, with the Senior Pastor as Chairman.

The Church Council is where the ministries of our pastors and our deacons intersect. Where the concerns of the deacons are given voice among the pastors, and the needs of the pastors are considered by the deacons.

Please continue to pray for these men. God has been gracious towards us in the past. There's no reason to doubt Him now.

Go here to see who serves on this council.