Roger's Testimony

Roger shared last Sunday as a member of our former Leadership Council...

 I love this place. This church loves Jesus, loves the gospel, and loves people. We saw it in you the first week we visited. You’ve never wavered. It only keeps getting better. We thank God for bringIng us here way back in the very beginning.

In the early days, the pastors invited a few men to gather regularly as an alternative voice of counsel and accountability. I was asked to be part it. We were called the Leadership Counsel. 

Over the years we met regularly to plan and evaluate, but we also spent time recounting the great things He was doing within our little church. I’m so grateful for these times…just a few ordinary men watching our great God do extraordinary things.

I remember, in particular, the many discussions and times of prayer we had as God directed us to move from Irvine into Old Towne Orange. I watched as God guided our thoughts and discussions. He shaped our hearts and motivated us. We became a group of leaders who were of one mind and purpose. God was leading and we were trusting Him. What a great picture of how God is glorified as men lead a church.

I thank God for our new Church Council. I’ll miss our old meetings but I am filled with faith for what comes next. God has built a church from the ground up. He has been faithful. To Him be the glory.