Pursuing Purity Within Our Church

We want to make an investment in you.

We are offering every adult member of our church a FREE ACCOUNT with Covenant Eyes. We will pay the bill if you will use the service.

Covenant Eyes is an internet accountability service. It monitors your usage and sends reports to someone you trust. It makes it easy to invite your friends and family into your digital world.

You pick your accountability partners.

The church pays the fee.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to pursue purity within our church. Not everyone needs a service like this and Covenant Eyes is definitely not the end-all solution to every internet problem. You may not even be experiencing any problems. That's fine. Don't sign up. Praise God!

However, many people find the anonymous nature of the internet a source of temptation. They struggle with laziness, unhelpful speech, coveting the lives of others, and lust. The list goes on. Covenant Eyes is one small way you can invite others into your life online.

Why are we doing this? Because we are committed to equipping you to live your digital life for the glory of God. Don't be a lone-ranger when it comes to the online world. Buddy up and live your life in community.

Learn more and sign up today.