We Sing the Matter of First Importance

If the gospel is the matter of first importance (1 Cor. 15:1-5) then it must be both the primary content of our message and of our songs.

Someone should be able to get saved by hearing the songs we sing.  

It's for this reason, that we are excited to introduce "Lift High the Name of Jesus" this Sunday! Get acquainted with the music above and the lyrics below so that you can sing along with us.

Lift high the name of Jesus
Of Jesus our King
Make known the power of His grace
The beauty of His peace
Remember how His mercy reached
And we cried out to Him
He lifted us to solid ground
To freedom from our sin

Oh sing my soul
And tell all He's done
Till the earth and heavens are filled with His glory!

Lift high the name of Jesus
Of Jesus our Lord
His power in us is greater than
Is greater than this world
To share the reason for our hope
To serve with love and grace
That all who see Him shine through us
Might bring the Father praise

Lift high the name of Jesus
Of Jesus our Light
No other name on earth can save
Can raise a soul to life
He opens up our eyes to see
The harvest He has grown
We labor in His fields of grace
As He leads sinners home