Reflections On The Pastors Conference

We sent some of our best leaders to the Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference last month. Here are a few of their reflections...

Roger: The thing that impacted me the most during the conference was a constant realization that God has given to us pastors and leaders who take their call to preach and care for the flock very seriously, and God LOVES to care for these men! The time spent amongst these men of God gave me such a greater appreciation for the sacrifices they make for us week in and week out! Now I know first hand why our pastors say this is by far their favorite conference to go to. It was so good to see and experience God’s grace as He met us during every session. Whether it was a prophetic word spoken by a pastor during worship, a prophetic word sang by Bob Kauflin, or a pastor preaching God’s Word, the grace and sufficiency of Christ was known and felt by everyone!

Jeff: The rich fellowship experienced at the conference continues to resonate with me. It was wonderful to be surrounded by men who care deeply for the things of God and especially to by the men of our church. I was overjoyed to attend and to so quickly be invited into the fellowship of our church leaders and other like-minded young men who are eager for ministry. I will not forget our dinner table discussions, late night talks, or singing along to "All Glory Be To Christ" with tears in my eyes alongside you all.

Omar: One speaker said "We must envision ourselves, sowing seeds till our final breath." When I heard this I felt like a soldier, listening to a general preparing for war. Tears were in my eyes as a conviction grew in my heart. I want to be part of the preaching of the gospel. Sowing, sowing, sowing regardless of my circumstances.

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