Dylan And Christy On The Art Of Marriage

Our most recent Art of Marriage group just wrapped up. Here's the recap from one couple...

Jim and Angie were so encouraging and hospitable. When we signed up for the class, we knew we were adding quite a bit to our schedules. However, we didn't anticipate how busy we would be and it soon grew overwhelming. Still we agreed to stick this out and remain committed to the class.

God didn't disappoint. He met us and has grown our marriage already. We pray that He would continue to bear fruit from our experience in this class so that others might see a marriage filled with His grace and truth and be drawn to Christ. We also pray that God would use what we've learned to give us wisdom on how to remain close to one another in the midst of trials.

How to remain close in the middle of a trial.

Despite how hard Mondays and Tuesdays have been for us over the past month and a half, we are so grateful that we stuck with this class. It was truly a blessing to grow alongside those who are newer to marriage and those who have been married for many years.