Children's Ministry

At Sovereign Grace we believe the ideal place for any man, woman, and child to worship is together. With that aim, our Children Ministry exists to provide particular and intentional care for parents and children during the second portion of our service. 

Equipping Families to Worship Together

We welcome all children in the service and affirm the grace of God at work in their young lives. The way we welcome children in church directly affects the way they respond to God, to the church, and to one another.




Each Sunday, during the second portion of our liturgy, we provide three optional groups for parents and their children. There is an intentional grey area between all three groups because we recognize children don't always fall into such rigid age-based categories. Some children may be able and willing to sit and listen to a teacher. Some children may be unable, uninterested, or simply prefer to play. Both are good! We want to offer and encourage multiple options. When you arrive, we want you and your children to have a choice, and not necessarily be confined to an age-based group, but rather a competency-based group.