Learning From A Biography of Edwards

Christopher is one of many people who accepted our challenge to read 12 books in 12 months. In January, he read A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by George M. Marsdsen. This is his report...

I was struck by how average Edward's life was. We tend to venerate, even idolize, the "great men of faith", and Edwards is certainly no exception. Yet, for all of theologically rich writings he produced, there was still the rest of life to contend with. People opposed him, most thought he was too serious, he was prone to depression, he was terrible at small talk, terrible at reading people and even worse at understanding politics.

His church fired him.

On the other hand, he adored his children and his wife. He was concerned more for other's spiritual well being then temporal needs. His life matched his theology and he never lost sight of the reality that "the chief end of man is to love God."

I've always admired Edwards, but reading this biography help me appreciate the real Edwards. A man who was a largely-absent-slave-owning-depressive-controversial-way-too-serious kind of guy, yet experienced God's grace in every corner of his life. 

We ought to expect God could do the same for us.