The Big Plan For The Big Meal This Sunday

Get ready! We are hosting a family-style feast on Sunday evening, March 13th. This will be a church-wide celebration punctuated by the remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ.

The church will be providing the main dish and drinks. All members and regular attenders are asked to contribute the following to the meal:

  • A household of 1 brings a dessert (fresh fruit or a bakery item).
  • A household of 2 brings a vegetable side or a salad.
  • A household of 3 brings a crockpot full of mashed potatoes.
  • A household of 4 or more brings a crockpot full of mashed potatoes AND a salad.

Our meal will be served family-style at long communal tables. Please bring serving utensils for your dishes and remember our March 13th Sunday morning service is canceled. If you would like to volunteer for setup, contact Anne.