Free Watson's Gift Cards For Submitting Feedback

April fools ;)

 Now send us your feedback!

The pastoral team has nominated Dustin Smetona for the office of pastor and now it's your turn. As we begin the process of ordination, we need your input. Our constitutional documents prescribe a 14 day period for written and oral feedback.

Deadline: This Sunday

Submit your feedback here.

"Once the pastors and the candidate are all supportive of pursuing ordination, they will notify the church and invite their further input over the next 14 days. The active involvement of the congregation is necessary in the confirmation of an pastor’s call and, at a minimum, should require extensive informal interaction with the congregation regarding the suitability of the pastoral candidate.

During the ordination process, members of the church are asked and given opportunity to submit in writing their observations, affirmation, or critique of the man in question. This is not to propagate gossip and slander, but to allow opportunity to stop the process if there is information the pastors lack in evaluating the man. Additionally, affirmation will help confirm the selection of the candidate. Such feedback is an important opportunity for the congregation to assist in the ordination process.

The feedback of members of the church will not be understood as a binding vote on the ordination of the candidate but may be a deciding factor in his qualification. It will be up to the pastors to handle the feedback as they deem most appropriate."

Everything you need to know about what we believe about pastors and how we ordain them can be found here.You might also like to review our statement on Bi-vocational Pastors since we do not plan on compensating Dustin at this time. He will be working as a volunteer.

April fools ;) Made you look! There is no gift card.  But we still need your feedback.

Submit your feedback here.