Small Groups Is Our Best Attempt At Normal

Regular Christianity

You believe in Jesus. Your priorities have changed. You have a new outlook on everything. Now what? What are you supposed to do after you believe?

Our faith has a social dimension to it. It's not "me and Jesus," it's "we and Jesus." God is on a mission to save a whole new humanity for Himself. He is uniting us to himself and one another, one person at a time.

How this looks for each of us is different, but one thing is clear. He intends for us to experience our new relationship with Him with others. This is where our small groups come in.

Our small groups are designed to connect your life with the lives of other enjoy fellowship, to fulfill the one-another commands, to be a witness to the gospel in our city, and to help one another persevere in the faith. Small groups are our best attempt at leading our church into a life-long, God pleasing pattern of "regular Christianity."

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