The Quietest Saturday In June

Kelsey is inviting all women to her house for a day of relaxation, studying, and encouragement. This day of quiet is for all women of Sovereign Grace Church who feel like they could use a break, time to preach truth to themselves, and be a little less distracted. 

From Kelsey...

I had the idea at a recent small group meeting, when discussing our lives as moms: I realized that I am not the only woman that is tired and is struggling to spend in the word and fellowship with friends outside of Sunday morning and small group. It seems that moms especially have difficulty finding time to themselves, where they can spend time studying and learning more about scripture, and furthering their relationship with Christ. 

That's why I would like to invite all women, but especially all our moms, no matter how old your child(ren), to my home on Saturday, June 11 for a day of quiet. A day to spend however you would like, reading your bible and spending time alone, or engaging in a short study with other women. 

Saturday, June 11. 

No agenda. Just space and quiet.

 The door will open at 9am with coffee, tea and pastries and remain open until 4pm. Email Kelsey for details.