Recap of a Special Day of Quiet

Kelsey Paprocki opened her home because she wanted to bless some of the women in the church with the time, space and quiet to spend uninterrupted time with God. You can read her testimony here. 

Rebecca E. shares her experience:

It was such a blessing to participate in the Day of Quiet. I never expected that one of my biggest adjustments as a mom would be the lack of quiet. Having time to stop and really be able to concentrate on the Words I was reading and respond to the Holy Spirit in prayer (that was uninterrupted!) was truly refreshing.  I felt the Lord was leading me to focus my heart on The Joy of the Lord.  How interesting that the next day Dustin preached a message about rejoicing. God had a chance to prepare my heart privately for the message we would receive corporately! A big thank you goes out to the Paprockis for opening their home and providing the space for a breath of spiritual fresh air.

You can listen to Dustin's sermon here.

We thank God for working in Kelsey to open her home and for using this time to bless our members.