Chili Cook Off Tips And Tricks

2016 Freestyle Chili Cook Off

Want to win it all? You're going to have to work hard to impress your friends. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to ensure your entry into the immortal Hall of Chili Champions. 

  • The name is the game. Theological puns, poking fun at our pastors, or hipster irony will win you points.
  • The power of presentation. Looking good is almost as good as tasting good. For example, Pastor Mike keeps bringing an open can of store-bought chili and, although a perennial runners-up, he proves the point. You must mask your store-bought chili in a crockpot!
  • You can't win it if you aren't in it. Duh. In fact, if nobody brings chili than we all lose. It's not really about the chili anyways, is it? 

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