Jeff And Taylor's Testimony

Last Sunday we welcomed new church members. This is the story of two.

I am Jeff and this is my fiancé Taylor. We are getting married this October and are excited to call Sovereign Grace our home. 

We were both saved in 2010, baptized in 2010, met in 2010, and began dating in 2010. We were juniors in High School and regularly attending a youth service when our pastor set out with his family to plant a church in Orange County. So at age 17, we followed and threw ourselves into the life of that church and, long story short, 5 years later it became clear God was leading us in a new direction. Our theology and vision for the church had changed and we began searching for a new home.

It took us nearly six months to find you and we are so grateful we did.

You welcomed us into your community that first Sunday. Dustin greeted us immediately and invited us to sit with his family. This meant so much. It was hard to leave our familiar friends and church. We praise God for the grace he has given to you.

Our second Sunday was your evening Communion service. Again, praise God!

We are delighted to join you, a people who love one another and celebrate so well the gospel of the grace of God. We look forward to meeting more of you, developing friendships, and serving alongside you all.