We Are Participants Not Spectators In Church

Your Place In The Assembly

Our services are designed with your participation in mind. Pastor Eric preached on this last Sunday. The model of one speaker and everyone else a listener is foreign to the scriptures. We aren't an audience. We are the body of Christ, each of us an essential part of the church.

So when we gather together, we all come eager to encourage and build one another up. This can be quite spontaneous and our pastors are committed to ensuring everything we do is done "decently and in order." (1 Corinthians 14:40) This is why one pastor always presiding over the service. He is located adjacent to the lectern and responsible for the liturgy. He ensures our participation is timely, intelligible, and encouraging. At times, he even inserts himself into the liturgy to provide leadership and pastoral care.

When Should You Speak

There are countless ways to participate before, during, and after our services. Most ministry to one another is done privately. Not every encouraging word or prayer needs a microphone.

However, if during our service you believe the Spirit is prompting you to say something...to read a scripture, pray, an encouragement, even a prophecy, tongue, or interpretation of a tongue...approach the pastor by the lectern (i.e. the presider). He will discern whether or not you should speak. You don't need to be 100% confident. No one ever is. We trust God will work through our pastors as they lead the service.

Here is how these instructions read in our weekly bulletin...

We are eager for God to meet us in the things we have planned and in the things we have not planned. If you believe you have something to share, please see the pastor located nearest to the lectern while we are singing.

Join our pastors in praying for the Spirit's power in our services. Go to church asking God to use you to encourage others. May God be good to us for His glory.

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