Nestor And Ashley's Story

Nestor shared this past Sunday...

Being new has been both a humbling and encouraging experience here. 

Humbling because you haven't built this church around us, for our comfort and for our name to being known. Which honestly is what we have tended to look for when when we visited new churches. Instead, you welcomed us in, pointed us to Jesus and His gospel and allowed Sundays to be day about the Lord. You carefully, with reverence and fear, gather for His glory rather than mine.

This has been so encouraging.

This carefulness has made us appreciate things in new ways. Gospel-centeredness. Service. Hospitality. We appreciate how seriously the church takes the Word and receives it with with glad hearts and with full force. Even the way you sing. You are careful.

Thank you Sovereign Grace. Thank you for what you do. Keep doing it as God keep sending us more and more new people like us.